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How on Earth Will Private Hiring Keep Up with the Federal Government Expansion?

Remember when Obama was promising that 90 percent of the jobs created by his stimulus plan would be in the private sector? Okay, 90 percent of the jobs “saved or created” by his plan.

It’s a plan that will save or create three to four million jobs in businesses large and small across a wide range of industries ‘ and 90 percent of these jobs will be in the private sector.

Obviously, the worthless metric of “jobs saved” muddies this a bit. But if we’re talking about “jobs created,” well, the private sector had better start cracking:

President Obama’s budget is so ambitious, with vast new spending on health care, energy independence, education and services for veterans, that experts say he probably will need to hire tens of thousands of new federal government workers to realize his goals.

Exactly how many new workers would be needed remains unclear — one independent estimate was 100,000, while the conservative Heritage Foundation said it is likely to be closer to a quarter-million.

That Post article doesn’t quite say when those hires would be in place, but sentences like “Officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs, for instance, said they expect to hire more than 17,000 new employees by the end of the year” suggest that we’re talking about roughly the end of 2009.

In that case, the private sector would have to create 900,000 jobs under the independent estimate, or 2.25 million under Heritage’s assessment.

Think that’s going to happen in a year the economy is shrinking by 1.2 percent or more?