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How Many Delaware Undecideds Are Already Leaning O’Donnell?

One of my regulars looks at the two polls of Delaware’s Senate race since the primary — Rasmussen showing Democrat Chris Coons leading Republican Christine O’Donnell by 11 and Public Policy Polling showing him leading her by 16 — and suspects there’s a bit of respondent dishonesty at work. 

In Rasmussen, only 4 percent say they’re undecided, while 16 percent are undecided in PPP.  In Rasmussen, she’s at 42 percent, while in PPP, she’s only at 34 percent. Coons’s level of support is relatively consistent, 50 percent in one and 53 percent in the other.

My regular suggests, if you say you can’t decide, you probably don’t want to admit you’re voting for the candidate currently being talked about as if she were a witch. Perhaps ”undecided” means “I’m voting for O’Donnell but I don’t want to tell you.”

UPDATE: Then again, maybe not. CNN polls likely voters and finds Coons 55 percent, O’Donnell 39 percent, 4 other or neither, 2 percent didn’t know.


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