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How Many of the New Exchange Accounts Are Duplicates?

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen is now reporting that not everyone is required to change their password in the Obamacare insurance exchange web sites; that information came from Obamacare navigators and staff . . . who were given the wrong information.

Earlier this week, Kathleen Sebelius said that while she didn’t know how many people had signed up for insurance through the exchanges, she knew “hundreds of thousands” of accounts had been created.

But a Campaign Spot reader asks how many of the accounts created in recent days are duplicate:

I went to this week for the first time . . . 

I went through the sign up process, creating a username that was very convoluted. Naturally, the system crashed on step 3. So I started over. Only this time, my username wasn’t available. Now, it wasn’t like I was selecting my first name and last name as my username. It was a combination of numbers and letters that had been available two minutes earlier. Anyway, I just added a “1″ to the end of my previous username and tried again. It crashed at the same spot.

Well, third time’s the charm right? So I try one more time and, you guessed it, that username was no longer available. I even tried logging in with those names, hoping that if they were in the system enough to tell me they were taken, then maybe they were in the system enough to accept the password . . . 

Nope. So, in the end, I created 3 accounts, yet none of them is a valid, accessible account that I can use. This of course begs the question: How many of the hundreds of thousands of accounts that the Administration has been touting are “real” accounts, and how many are crashed, place-holder accounts? Surely they would do some digging to verify that the numbers they’re putting out there represent actual, usable accounts, and not just look at the total number of usernames that have been created . . . right?


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