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How Much CO2 Is Emitted By Candidates Flying Around the Country Denouncing C02 Emissions?

Via Instapundit, we learn that the average cross-country flight in a private plane produces three times the amount of CO2 emissions in six hours than the average American does in a year.
This factoid ought to be thrown in the face of every lawmaker, activist, and do-gooder who wants to restrict economic activity by the masses and raise taxes on energy use. When society’s elites are willing to give up their private planes, I’ll be willing to make more sacrifices.
When the campaigns start attracting larger entourages, it should be fun to see who’s calling for the most stringent restrictions on CO2 emissions, and then to calculate which candidates are actually generating the most emissions during their campaign by flying around the country…
Of course, Nancy Pelosi is/was scheduled to take a Chevy Tahoe (15 miles per gallon in the city) from her Georgetown home to a hearing on global warming. (There is some possibility that she or her staff will wake up to the ludicrous double standard and take a hybrid or something.)
On the discussion thread of the link above, a reader makes the security argument for Pelosi, as she is third in line for the presidency, and the weight, size, and space of an SUV offer security benefits. That’s a fair point, but when she and other environmentalists rail against SUVs, (and then are excempted from federal gasoline taxes for work travel), it reinforces the argument that the elites believe in one standard for themselves and another for the rest of us.


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