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How the Obama Campaign Spends Its Money

Over on the home page, I dive into the spreadsheets to look at how the Obama campaign has spent $148.7 million so far. One of the fun sections was the food:

FOOD: It is claimed that Napoleon said that “armies march on their stomachs,” and the same is true for campaigns. The Obama campaign spent $96,389.41 on catering/facilities. The largest single expenditure in that category was $13,128.72 to Big Delicious Planet catering in Chicago. The campaign also spent $2,571.27 at a Subway sandwich shop in Columbus, Ind.

Nationwide, the Obama campaign has clear preferences for coffee; it spent $552.67 at Dunkin’ Donuts, $389.85 at Einstein Bros. Bagels, $229.22 at Starbucks, and only $183.15 at Caribou Coffee. The campaign has spent $239.38 at 7-Eleven.

The Obama campaign appears to run on pizza: $2,084.37 went to Domino’s Pizza, $1,774.78 went to Pizzanno’s Pizza, $1,167.45 went to Papa John’s, $834.03 went to Pizza Hut, and $362 went to Little Caesars.

(One hopes Michelle Obama won’t find out that some Obama campaign staffer in Winston-Salem, N.C., spent $239.39 at Krispy Kreme.)

That’s right, the Obama campaign has spent $6,222 on pizza so far.

And if you have ever wondered how much David Axelrod charges the Obama campaign:

The man most publicly associated with the Obama campaign, the president’s longtime strategist David Axelrod, is not directly paid by the campaign. Instead, his firm, Axelrod Strategies LLC, is listed as receiving 24 payments totaling $181,582, with most months including a $15,000 payment for “consulting/professional services/media” and then a separate payment of a three- or four-digit sum to cover travel and lodging costs.

UPDATE: A Republican chuckles that the Obama campaign is spending a lot of money at Dunkin’ Donuts, owned in part by . . . Mitt Romney’s old firm, Bain Capital.


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