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How Worried Are Democrats About Colorado’s Recall Elections?

How often do you see me cheerfully quoting Daily Kos?

The scuttlebutt out of Colorado is that Colorado Sen. John Morse, subject of an NRA-backed recall, is in real danger of being ousted. The problem isn’t necessarily public opinion in the district, but the confluence of a couple of factors: 1) turnout is sketchy during special elections, and recall supporters are likely more motivated, and 2) a series of legal rulings have eliminated mail-in voting, which Democrats have mastered in recent years. This will be a good ol’ fashioned get-em-to-the-polls operation, and Republicans have been more efficient on that front of late.

Second Amendment advocates aim to replace Democratic senators John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo. Markos Moulitsas’s post doesn’t offer any “scuttlebutt” on Giron, but another commenter there says she’s “getting hammered” by the Pueblo Chieftain.

Last time out, in 2010, Morse won by a quite thin margin, 48.1 percent to 47.2 percent, with about 250 votes separating the two (and Libertarian Douglas Randall collected 1,258 votes). That year, Giron won more solidly, 54.8 percent to 45.1 percent, a margin of about 4,000 votes. In that November midterm election, about 28,000 votes were cast in Morse’s race, about 40,000 votes in Giron’s. Of course, in a special recall election, turnout may be much lower.

Moulitsas urges his readers to chip in to help Morse. The local Republican parties selected former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin to take on Morse and George Rivera, former deputy chief of the Pueblo police force, to take on Giron.

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