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Huckabee is Paid How Much Per Speech?

Mike Huckabee’s $35,000 in speaking fees from stem cell researcher Novo Nordisk is getting attention. As is his overall speaking fee policy.

I’m still scratching my head at the $138,500 for fifteen speeches Huckabee collected last year.
Did you know that according to his financial disclosure form for last year, Mike Huckabee was paid an honoraria of $17,000 from the California Association of Health Care Plans on Oct. 20, 2006?
That’s not quite John Edwards $55k-to-speak-about-poverty money, but boy, nice work if you can get it, huh?
We’ve already seen the issue with Huckabee’s gifts. How many sitting governors get to collect five-figure speaking fees while they’re in office? At least Edwards and Giuliani had left office when they went on the speaking circuit.
George Pataki ran into flak for collecting $17k per speech while he was governor.


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