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I Don’t Think Hagel Is Running (UPDATED)

I don’t think Hagel’s announcement on Monday will be that he’s running for president.

If he is running, apparently he’s running without a web site… or at least the likely domains don’t seem to be owned by an entity tied to the senator. For starters, three of the ones below are advertising links to or – owned by Network Solutions – for sale by owner – “For inquiries, please contact: – reserved by
It appears “” is currently unused. 
There is an unofficial blog.
UPDATE: Hillary Spot reader Michael notes, “ is “parked” by GoDaddy. That typically means that the domain name has been reserved, but nobody has put up a web site yet. The web site could be in preparation internally, ready to go “live” at a moment’s notice. Same with”
Would Hagel’s nascent campaign use GoDaddy (of the controversial Super Bowl ads) and/or Network Solutions? I guess it’s possible.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Michael updates again with more valuable information: was created on 28 November, 2005. Its registrant has chosen to use GoDaddy’s anonymous registration service, so we have no idea who owns it., on the other hand, is owned by the “Sandhills PAC”— Senator Hagel’s own. It says that the domain was created on 8 June 2004, and updated last on October 11th, 2006.
So *IF* Hagel is running, the obvious money is on the domain. But isn’t it interesting that these domains were snapped up so long ago? In the case of, it was before Bush’s re-election!

Hmmm… I remain a skeptic, but maybe Hagel2008 will suddenly bloom with a campaign web site come Monday…
Ironically, the site currently has the following sponsored listings:

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