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I Don’t Want To Brag, But…

Jim, earlier this morning: “wouldn’t it be a good time for Rudy to lay out a bit more detail on one of his twelve commitments, about increasing the number of adoptions?”

Rudy’s campaign, shortly thereafter, through David Vitter & Theodore B. Olson:

Rudy Giuliani dramatically increased the number of adoptions in the New York City system as mayor. Adoptions skyrocketed 133% over his eight year tenure compared to the eight years before he took office. It was a clear priority of his administration, beginning with the establishment of the Administration for Children’s Services, the first child protection agency in New York City history that reported directly to the mayor. He streamlined the adoption process, slashing red tape and promoting adoptions through innovative initiatives such as “Adoption Saturdays” where family courts held special sessions dedicated to matching children with loving homes.

Jim, early yesterday: “Couple [McCain blasting Hillary on earmarks] with Harry Reid (17 earmarks worth $72.1 million) calling Peter Pace “incompetent” (over what, Harry?), and there’s an effective line of attack on the opposition not being serious about America’s defense…”
John McCain, later yesterday:

“It’s incredibly disappointing that Harry Reid would make such disparaging remarks about both the highest ranking officer in the U.S military and the commander of our troops in Iraq. Generals Pace and Petraeus are two leaders who have spent their entire lives in service to their country and Senator Reid needs to clarify his criticisms, which can only be described as highly inappropriate and regrettable.”

 Looks like we have a new promotional slogan:
The Hillary Spot: Chief Strategist For All Republican Presidential Campaigns.
Needless to say, I think McCain and Rudy have made exceptionally wise decisions in the past 48 hours…

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