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I Goofed – Early Voting in Ohio is Four-Fifths of One Percent, Not Two-Fifths

A reader accuses me of being “completely and totally dishonest” for a comment in the latest Red Meat, and this post, insisting that I am underestimating the statewide total of early voters. I got the figure of 28,466 from this chart in the Colombus Dispatch which says “total” – but the accompanying article indeed says “a check of the five counties with the most voters showed that of the nearly 28,500 people who had voted in person in those counties since Sept. 30.” The chart’s “total” is referring to the five counties, not the state, and I regret the error.

Having said that, while it isn’t 28,000 early voters out of 8.2 million registered voters in the state, we are talking about 28,466 out of the 3.28 million or so registered voters in those five counties. (The article notes that the five counties have about 40 percent of the state’s registered voters.)

So we’re talking about four-fifths of one percent of registered voters partaking in the first seven days of early voting, instead of about two-fifths of one percent. I still think that’s a surprisingly low number, considering the efforts going on – Springsteen concerts, Cuba Gooding Jr. doing a tour, etc. But the total is a bit higher than I had previously calculated. Also note that early voting is still going on in Ohio, most commonly through those who are submitting absentee ballots.


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