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I Hear Her Primary Rival, Palm Reader, Is Renting Out MSG the Same Night

I think Democratic House candidate (VA-1) Krystal Ball’s parents were kind of mean; had my Mom and Dad had their sensibility, I would have been named “Vul.”*

Nonetheless, with a name like that, there’s a lot of room for “telling your fortune” puns, and when you choose to rent out an entire Broadway production for a campaign fundraiser, many people will predict you’ll end up spending a lot of what you raise. People familiar with group sales tell me it probably costs about $30,000 to rent out the production for a night. (HT: Virginia Virtucon.)

What, you’re telling me Krystal Ball couldn’t rent a production of “Gypsy”?

*If you don’t get it, say it aloud with my last name.


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