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I Went To the Aquarium, and a Republican Debate Broke Out

It’s not quite Amanda Marcotte material, but some race-watchers think Romney backer Jason Bonham crossed the line when he called Sam Brownback a “bottom-feeder” candidate today.

Bonham is on one of Romney’s campaign committees.
However, as someone noted, Brownback’s campaign hired the guy in the dolphin suit (get it? “flipper”?) to challenge Romney.
Does either act cross the line? In a perfect world, I’d avoid dolphin suits, chicken suits, and all other campaign gimmicks that require a staffer to dress up like an employee at Chuck E. Cheese. And avoid comparing rivals to members of the animal kingdom; attacks like this generate more heat than light.
UPDATE: I would note that Bonham is unpaid, and has just begun his volunteer role on Romney’s campaign.

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