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I Wonder If Obama Is Regretting Picking Biden Right Now

All the networks are sticking with Hillary’s speech instead of going to the local news.

So far, it’s a very, very solid performance from Hillary, and just about everything the Obama campaign could or should have asked from her. She attacks McCain with relish. Perhaps the GOP ought to be thankful she’s not on the ticket.
“George W. Bush and John McCain are meeting in the Twin Cities next week, and that’s appropriate, because right now it’s hard to tell them apart.” Credit the speechwriters, it’s a good, memorable line.
In quoting the advice of Harriet Tubman, is she comparing today’s Democratic party to escaped slaves fleeing to freedom? Okay, this is Hillary’s first major misstep of the night. The delegates are eating it up, but I think Jane and Joe Voter are going to find that a little over the top.
UPDATE: Just finished. Begala says she mentioned Obama ten times. I agree with the rapidly-emerging conventional wisdom that she did everything he could possibly want, and I think Hillary’s delivery is miles ahead of where she was when she began this race. She ate her Wheaties this morning.
Campaign Spot reader John notes, “We’re Americans and we’re not big on quitting.” Except in Iraq, apparently.


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