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If Cash on Hand Equaled Votes, McDonnell Could Start Measuring Drapes

The cash on hand fight in Virginia is not exactly neck-and-neck.
Republican Bob McDonnell raised $3.7 million in the last two months, and has $4.9 million in cash on hand.
He is way ahead of his Democratic rivals. Terry McAuliffe raised $1.8 million in the past two months, and has almost $1.3 million cash on hand. Brian Moran raised $844,000 in the same period and has $700,000 in the bank. Creigh Deeds, raised $676,326 and has $521,135 in the bank.
Lest Republicans break out the party hats, I would bet that once Democrats have an official nominee, Obama or Biden or both will appear with him to help raise some funds. But all in all, one would prefer to be in McDonnell’s position.


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