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If the Democrats Want to Pass Their Own Bill…

One silver lining to the scenario Larry Kudlow describes…

Just about very vulnerable House member voted no today.
If House Democrats want to pass a left-wing, ACORN-heavy, union-proxies, salary-setting bill, fine. Let Senate Democrats pass that one, too. Let Barack Obama go on record in favor of it.
At the heart, the rescue plan is a phenomenally unpopular proposal that is necessary to avert disaster that, for some reason, the public doesn’t quite think is real yet.
Let the Democrats pass the bill and let the unpopular Bush sign it. The Republicans running for House and Senate — and McCain, for that matter — can denounce it until their throats are hoarse every day from now until Election Day. Every voter will no that at a moment when most Americans were struggling, the Democrats voted along party lines to “bail out Wall Street.”
The bailout might save Wall Street, and ensure a Republican tsunami on Election Day to strip out the worst parts of the bill in 2009…


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