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If Huntsman Runs, Obama Will Blame the Staff Again

It’s rather fascinating to watch unnamed White House sources begin to subtly and not-so-subtly hit Ambassador Jon Huntsman, an increasingly-probable presidential candidate, like this..

“It’s also good to see Jon Huntsman, our ambassador to China,” Daley said, according to a source in the room. “Or as we call him around the White House: the Manchurian Candidate. I want Jon to know that the president has no hard feelings. In fact, he just did an interview with the Tea Party Express saying how integral he has been to the success of the Obama administration.”

and this…

For all their quips, Obama officials are a tad irritated at the barely-veiled presidential moves of their own ambassador in one of the most important countries in the world.

… because these unnamed White House staffers seem oblivious to the rejoinder: “Hey, if Huntsman is a Manchurian stooge/disloyal/overly ambitious, which fool hired him to be our ambassador to China?”


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