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If Lieberman’s Is the Pick, Expect to Hear His Criticism of Bush on the Economy

I’m working on a piece on Joe Lieberman’s views and stands on economics, and came across the following quote:

“There’s a loss of confidence in the American economy, and part of it is because of the culture of greed and irresponsibility. And at the top of that, unfortunately, is the president of the United States. He’s taken our government into terrible debt. His administration has yielded to special interests over and over again. Halliburton writes the specs and then gets the no-bid contracts. In the Bush administration, the foxes are guarding the foxes and the middle-class hens are getting plucked.”

That’s from September 2003, not quite ancient history. I realize the McCain campaign wants to separate itself from President Bush, but unless they want their running mate appearing in DNC ads echoing Obama’s talking points, I think they have to choose a different running mate.


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