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If Not Coleman in 2012 for Minnesota’s GOP… Bachmann?

This is not really a surprise, but former Sen. Norm Coleman said he won’t be challenging Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

Considering the fund-raising tear she’s on, and her recent high profile, Rep. Michele Bachmann certainly seems to be a possible Klobuchar challenger.

I note that with her higher profile, she’s driving a particular MSNBC host around the bend. Chris Matthews has been even more unhinged than usual in discussing Bachmann, but apparently yesterday he suggested she is illiterate, declaring, “she’s lucky we don’t have literacy tests out there.” Hey, Keith Olbermann jumped on the last nerve of MSNBC executives and experienced the consequences. Any chance any grownup at MSNBC will step in and stage an intervention for Matthews?


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