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But If You’re a LGBT Environmental Veteran Kid Living Abroad, You’re Set

From this week’s issue of The Economist:

Mr Obama seems to understand this, and is striving manfully to make it up to Bubba. He has reversed his old view that the gun ban in Washington, DC, (which the Supreme Court struck down last week) was constitutional. He stresses that big cities and rural areas can have different gun laws, saying that “what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne”. He gave a rousing speech about patriotism on June 30th, including an anecdote about sitting on his grandfather’s shoulders watching American astronauts come to shore in Hawaii. And the next day, he gave a speech in Ohio about faith.
But he has his work cut out. The “people” section on his website divides Americans into 17 categories: Latinos, women, First Americans, environmentalists, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, Americans with disabilities, Asian-Americans and Pacific islanders and so on. There is no mention of whites, or men.

If they created a “Whites for Obama” or “Men for Obama” section, would there be objections?

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