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I’m the Billionaire Real Estate Mogul Who’s on Your Side

An ad suddenly popping up on my GMail account:

Stop Career Politicians – – Join Jeff Greene – a real outsider who will get results for Florida.

And on his new site, Jeff Greene offers a video about why he’s running. Maybe I’ve seen too many ads this year, but to me, this opening introductory monologue appears to hit every cliché of this year: “focused on getting results” “putting the people of Florida first” “career politicians we’ve sent to Washington have played partisan games” “I owe nothing to the special interests” “stand up to the power brokers in Washington and Wall Street” “getting results will be what drives me” “I have a real plan” “once and for all, ending our dependence on foreign oil” . . . If you have a campaign speech cliché bingo card, you probably have a straight line after two minutes.

Modestly interesting is that he’s refusing all contributions above $100.


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