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I’m Not Neglecting My New Year’s Resolutions; I’m ‘Waiting and Thinking to See What Develops’

In the Washington PostE. J. Dionne notices the same phenomenon about Obama’s method of leadership, but puts it much, much more kindly: “Obama’s patented approach to problems — wait and think to see what develops before acting — is the Democrats’ best way out.”

But if Obama had called on Illinois’s state legislature to impeach Blagojevich quickly, he might have been removed from office before he could appoint Burris, and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn would be making the pick. If he had backed a special election early, we might be talking about that, and Blagojevich would only have the power to make Burris a caretakeer Senator for a matter of months. Either of those options would be better than this mess (Jen Rubin lays out the legal snares surrounding Blago).

Is Obama “waiting and seeing what develops” in Gaza? How about with the automakers? How many times will the Obama administration be mum about some pressing issue, and we’ll be assured that it’s just part of the wise and insightful process of “wait and think to see what develops”?


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