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The Immigration Bill: Obamacare All Over Again?

The Heritage Foundation offers a comparison that articulates why so many Republicans are so wary about the Gang of Eight immigration bill:

After Obamacare, I don’t think you’ll see the conservative grassroots feeling confident about any 800-page bill for a long time.

As noted on Twitter, most Democrats’ view on immigration reform begins and ends with, “yeah, yeah, yeah, enough with the boring stuff about respect for the rule of law, economic impact on unskilled workers, assimilation, or border security, tell me how soon my party can get 11 million new voters.”

Most folks on the Right don’t trust the motives of the congressional Democrats pushing it or trust the Obama administration to enforce the law; we see immigration laws currently on the books ignored and ineffectively enforced all the time (hello, Boston bomber friends); we’re not convinced of any significant political benefit; we believe that any aspect of the law that proves inconvenient for the Democratic party’s allies will face immediate pressure to be repealed or altered;  and we believe it rewards those who have broken the law. But other than that, it looks great.


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