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Independents Think McCain’s a Doer, While Obama’s a Talker

If this latest Fox News poll is accurate, then Obama is just cratering in respondents’ assessment of his personal qualities:

Do you think Barack Obama is a talker or a doer?
Overall: Talker 49 percent, Doer 34 percent. Among independents, 55 percent talker, 26 percent doer.
Do you think John McCain is talker or a doer?
Overall: Talker, 30 percent, doer, 54 percent. Among independents, 21 percent talker, 58 percent doer.
If you had to make the toughest decision of your life, who would you rather get advice from?
Obama, 34 percent; McCain, 50 percent. Among independents it’s Obama 22 percent, McCain 52 percent. Interestingly, Biden matches up fairly well against Palin, 39 percent to her 43 percent.
Which ticket has more experience combined? Republicans 52, Democrats 34. Among Independents, it’s Republicans 57, Democrats 25.
Which ticket has better judgment combined? Republicans 47, Democrats 43. Among independents, it’s Republicans 51, Democrats 32.
Which ticket will bring the right change to Washington? The Democrats still lead, 46 to 39. But among independents, it’s Democrats 36, Republicans 38.