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Individual Donors Sending Multiple Small Donation Checks to Obama On The Same Day?

Over at Atlas Shrugged, they’re looking through Obama’s FEC filings.

Some of what they are finding isn’t surprising. They suspect foreign donors, but I don’t think it’s the least bit surprising to see donations to Obama from State Department employees and Americans living overseas…

So many foreign addresses giving money to the Presidential campaign. There are numerous individuals who are “bundling” contributions, some are smaller from the same person on same day, not to mention lots “unemployed or student”. Further, there’s a ton of foreign service and State Department admissions.
lots and lots of multiple entries. lots of foreign service, diplomat entries. lots of military analyst types.

The “APO AE” address that they note from one donor means the donor is either a member of the Armed Forces or an employee of the U.S. State Department, or is a spouse or dependent of one. But something that does seem a little intruiging is multiple small donations sent by mail on the same day. Why send a $10 check and a $25 check on the same day? Why send a $15 check and a $50 check on the same day? There would seem to be no good reason for it… if, indeed, the donations are from the same person, as the FEC filing indicates.
UPDATE: Reader Steve offers a theory – an automatic monthly donation, plus a separate donation written out on the same day? While that might explain some donors, that doesn’t seem to fit the checks and dates from the donor that Atlas Shrugged is spotlighting…