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Intriguing Lines of Attack, Not Quite Explored Yet

How long until Edwards, or one of Hillary’s rivals, echoes these words from Edwards adviser Joe Trippi?

TRIPPI: It’s not even a close call. I mean, they are sitting around wondering how they’re going to find sixteen Republican Senators to override the President’s veto? That’s baloney and everyone knows it. But that’s what they’re working to do. Or you have deauthorization of the war. Like we didn’t do that in Vietnam? I mean, come on. The Congress has funding authority and they need to use it.
There’s only one candidate who’s saying, “Send the President the same bill again and again, he’s the one who’s not funding the troops.” That’s a far, far cry from, “Hey, let’s go find sixteen phantom Republican Senators,” or “Hey, let’s deauthorize the war.” Sixteen words got us into this war, and sixteen phantom Republican Senators aren’t going to get us out. Any compromise that would get 16 votes isn’t a compromise worth making.

And how long until one of Edwards’ rivals — besides Chris Dodd — echoes the sentiment on this cartoon from the Charlotte Observer?


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