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Isn’t Pelosi’s Accusation About Four or Five Years Late?

If the CIA lied to Nancy Pelosi in that 2002 briefing about interrogation tactics, why is she only objecting now?

Reports on the use of waterboarding surfaced in 2004 and 2005. Presuming her claim is true, once the reports came to light, shouldn’t she have recognized that the briefing had been a lie? The CIA is making false reports to Congress, and she waits four or five years to object?

UPDATE: Pete Wehner: “Accusing America’s intelligence agency of knowingly misleading a Member of Congress, and particularly a Member of the House Intelligence Committee, is quite an explosive charge. She better be able to prove it. And if she is lying — as Porter Goss, then ranking Republican on the House Committee who later served as C.I.A. Director, seems to believe — there will be an enormously high price for her to pay.”


Are House Democrats going to lead the charge to remove her from the speakership? A push from the Obama team? Calls for her resignation from the mainstream press? I am skeptical. The Post editorial board will rough her up a little, the Times will write that the lack of evidence “raises troubling questions,” and Time and Newsweek will conclude that they don’t have enough space to get into it.

Unless, of course, people mobilize, by asking House Democrats what they think, whether they think she’s lying, and what the consequences should be if it turns out she is lying.

All of this presumes that conservatives want to get Pelosi replaced as Speaker of the House.


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