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Is It Too Early to Call a Race?

The DSCC cancels their advertising buys in Kentucky that would have helped their man Jack Conway against the GOP’s Rand Paul.

Of course, it’s not over until it’s over, etcetera, etcetera.

But let’s face it. If the DSCC doesn’t see much point in advertising, then it means they don’t put much stock in that poll that had Paul up by 2. And if that one’s an outlier, then the other ones putting Paul up 7 to 15 offer a more realistic look at the electorate.

So shortly after midnight, October 1, the Campaign Spot Decision Desk can now project Republican Rand Paul the winner of the Kentucky Senate race. 

I exaggerate. Slightly.

UPDATE: A reader in the television business is telling me that the DSCC, recognizing the morale and narrative impact that the cancellation is having, is scrambling to re-buy the ad time. So how much are they willing to spend?


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