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It’s All About Her – Again

I think this comment from Hillary Clinton during her address at Rutgers belongs in the “Poor, Poor Me” Anecdote Hall of Fame:

“We, of course, must protect our right to freedom of expression,” Clinton said to an audience made up mostly of women. “It should not be used as a license or an excuse to demean and humiliate our fellow citizens. Marginalization like that happens all too often. It happens every day, in ways large and small, in places private and public. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all heard it. When women and girls are objectified and devalued in popular culture, when a young black man can’t get a cab at night, when a Muslim American is the victim of a hate crime in the aftermath of 9/11.”
Clinton also cast her experiences in a more personal way than she often does, mentioning that she once won a mixed doubles tennis tournament and was given a trophy that depicted the man as about three times the size of the woman.

Egads! A trophy that does not depict the man and woman of equal size!
Poor Hillary. We all have our cross –  or in her case, trophy – to bear.


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