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It’s Election Day, in Two Parts of New York

Today is Election Day in New York’s 20th congressional district. If you’re reading this site, you probably don’t need to be reminded to vote, but just in case, go vote. Like other correspondents, I’m finding some nervous or pessimistic Republicans, and most Democrats feel pretty confident. But then again, it’s a special election, so the traditional turnout models don’t apply — as former Democratic congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana learned last year.

The special congressional race isn’t the only election in New York today. A special election in Brookhaven, Long Island, pits Republican Timothy P. Mazzei vs. Democrat Mark Lesko in the race for supervisor. It’s the largest town on Long Island (population 490,000, almost a congressional district), and is seen as something of a political bellwether. NRnik Fred Schwarz reminds me that this part of Long Island was a longtime Republican stronghold, but the Democrats finally gained control of the town council in 2005, with the Republicans winning it back in 2007.


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