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It’s Looking Like Deeds . . . (It’s Official)

With 1,140 of 2,504 precincts reporting — 45.52 percent — Creigh Deeds is running away with the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, with 50.1 percent to Terry McAuliffe’s 25.7 percent and Brian Moran’s 24.1 percent.

There are still a lot of precincts to report in what ought to be McAuliffe and Moran territory. About 80 percent of Fairfax County precincts haven’t reported yet.

However, all but two of Alexandria’s precincts have reported. Moran took 54 percent, Deeds almost 33 percent.

One of my Republican friends in Richmond observes, “Deeds is gonna win in a blowout. He will dominate the news cycle now for the next month as the media will dub him the new ‘Comeback Kid.’ I bet he polls even or ahead of McDonnell by this time next week.”

UPDATE: Brian Moran’s home base is Alexandria, home of 94,063 active voters. Turnout here was well ahead of the rest of the state at about 12 percent. But Moran only ran up a 54-33 percentage margin –  2,429 votes — here.

NewsChannel 8, the local D.C. all-news station, just called the race for Deeds.


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