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It’s Official: ‘Lincolnesque’ Is a Synonym for ‘Like Obama’

Tucked into a short Washington Post story on a poll asking workers to compare their bosses to American presidents:

If people could choose a boss similar to a U.S. president, they would pick Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan or John Kennedy . . .

Almost one-fourth describe their bosses as spirited and charming, or enthusiastic, spirited and vivacious — the styles of Reagan, Clinton and Kennedy. (President Barack Obama was not included in the survey taken in late January, but Randstad noted that almost a fifth of young workers chose an Abraham Lincoln boss, reflecting a possible Obama connection.)

Why yes, if a worker compares his boss to Abraham Lincoln, it must mean he thinks his boss is like Obama, as the two men are virtually indistinguishable.

And, uh, if an employee compares their boss to Bill Clinton, shouldn’t that be enough to initiate an investigation for sexual harrassment?


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