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It’s Rubio vs. Crist vs. Meek.

CNN projects Kendrick Meek will win the Democratic Senate primary in Florida.

That is fantastic news for Marco Rubio, whose victory speech was interrupted by CNN breaking in to announce Meek’s win.

Jeff Greene spent $23 million of his own fortune to come in second.

Also among the early surprises of the night: Right now, Democrat Allen Boyd, congressman in the 2nd district, has only 51 percent in his party’s primary. He’ll probably build on this, but obviously there are a lot of Democrats who were underwhelmed with the incumbent’s performances and stances and were tempted by his primary rival, state senate minority leader Al Lawson.

He will, at this point, probably be facing Steve Southerland, who owns a chain of funeral homes. (Insert your own morbid metaphor here.)


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