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Jim Clyburn Gets Paranoid

The Huffington Post declares that Rep. Jim Clyburn (D., S.C.) is “warning of shenanigans” in Alvin Greene’s choice to run for U.S. Senate and subsequent victory, calling for the U.S. attorney to investigate.

One man’s “warning of shenanigans” is another man’s “ranting paranoid conspiracy theories.” Even if, say, some GOP donor underwrote the cost of Greene’s entry fee — a theory that has no evidence to support it, so far — the fact remains that 99,970 South Carolina Democrats voted for him, in almost all cases knowing absolutely nothing about him. His rival, an actual county councilman named Vic Rawl, earned 69,572.

UPDATE: A reader shares the strangely plausible theory that some folks were inclined to vote for Greene because they associated him with gospel/soul singer Al Green.

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