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Jim Johnson’s $5,600 in Donations to Barack Obama

Just FYI, former Fannie Mae CEO,  Jim Johnson donated $1,000 to Obama back in 2003.
Then he maxed out $2,300 to Obama’s primary fund and then another $2,300 to Obama’s general election fund in September of last year.

Jim Johnson’s Wikipedia page, by the way, has no description of  Johnson’s troubles at Fannie Mae — i.e., that the institution hid “a substantial amount of Johnson’s 1998 compensation from the public, reporting that it was between $6 million and $7 million when it fact it was $21 million.” Beyond that, “an Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight report in September accused the company of improperly deferring $200 million of estimated expenses in 1998, which allowed management to receive full annual bonuses. Had the expenses been recorded that year, no bonuses would have been paid, the report said.”
The entry does mention Johnson’s sweetheart loans from CountryWide’s CEO Angelo Mozillo.