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Jim Moran, Who Usually Wins by 30 or So, Is Up by 13

Oh, please. All year long I’ve thought it was too much to ask.

An internal poll (R) taken in Virginia’s 8th District (Alexandria, etc.) shows ten-term US Rep. Jim Moran (D) with 45 percent to 32 percent for his Republican opponent, retired Army Col. Patrick Murray. Less than 50 percent is a weak sign for an incumbent, especially this one, deemed a shoo-in by most observers. However, it was a Republican poll.

That may not sound like much, but Virginia’s 8th district is a D+16 district. Jim Moran won in 2008 by a 68 percent to 30 percent margin. Two years earlier, he won 66 percent; 60 percent in 2004 and 2002.

A guy who usually wins by 30-some percent is only up 13.

Okay, now maybe Patrick Murray is my special crazy insane upset pick.


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