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Jim Oberstar Sells Out on Abortion

About eleven days ago, one of my readers wrote in:

Jim Oberstar is a committed pro-lifer and probably would have been a senator if it wasn’t for the fact that his principled pro-life position put him out of the mainstream of the average Democratic primary voter in his state . . . Anything can happen and there is going to be a lot of arm twisting between now and a House vote on Obamacare, but I’ll be very surprised if Jim Oberstar votes for a bill without the Stupak language.

Jim Oberstar is a committed pro-lifer . . . until now, apparently.

Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn., who supported strict abortion limits when the bill cleared the first time, said he was prepared to vote for the revised measure even though the same limitations will not be included.

Let me guess, the funding from the DCCC comes in silver pieces.