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Jim Tedisco’s Campaign: Our Internal Polls Show Strong Leads

Jim Tedisco’s campaign just released a statement from the candidate:

“Heading into Election Day, our campaign’s internal polling shows us continuing to lead, just as we have for this entire race.  Today’s Siena poll is simply another in a line of polls that show this race within the margin of error.  In the end this race is coming down to voter intensity and turnout, and our internal polls show us with strong leads in both areas.  Unlike Scott Murphy’s campaign, we don’t have to pay our volunteers – we have homegrown grassroots, not Astroturf.  Our volunteers live, work and vote locally, and support my efforts to end Washington’s waste and Wall Street’s greed.  Going into the final weekend this race is exactly where we had said it would be all along: a close, competitive, hard-fought contest.  I am confident that our energetic, grassroots volunteers and message of fighting for Main Street, not Wall Street, will put us over the top this Tuesday.”

According to House Democrats, Scott Murphy’s poll has him down 2 points:
“Murphy’s lack of White House support has infuriated House Democrats, who say the Democratic businessman trails Tedisco by just 2 points in their internal polling.” (Bresnahan, Politico, 3/25/09)

A national Republican poll has Tedisco leading by 3 points:

“A GOP campaign operative tells Political Wire that internal polls conducted by the RNC shows Jim Tedisco (R) just three points ahead of Scott Murphy (D) in New York’s 20th congressional district special election.”  (Goddard, Political Wire, 3/25/09)


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