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Jindal Outraises Obama?

Obama attended his first two fundraising events of his presidency last night. At first glance, the haul seems pretty good . . .

Tickets at the first fundraiser of the evening, held at the National Women in the Arts Museum, sold for $30,400 per couple.

The Warner Theater tickets in contrast sold for between $100, 200, 250, 1000 and 2500. With 150 attendees at the first event and 2000 at the second, the President brought in $3 million for his party.

Until you realize that the night before, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal appeared in a NRCC fundraiser the previous night and raised . . . more than $6 million.

My theory is that the donations at the GOP dinner were higher because of the man who introduced Jindal . . . Hugh Hewitt.


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