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Jindal, Rubio Separately Visit Japan

The to-do list of at least two potential Republican 2016 presidential candidates included “Visit Japan,” it seems. Last week, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal visited Osaka and Tokyo, meeting with executives from five companies, including Shin-Etsu, Japan’s largest chemical company, which has two plants in Louisiana. Jindal also visited South Korea and Taiwan.

A Senate seat has its advantages in lining up high-profile meetings. Today, the office of Florida senator Marco Rubio released this photo of the senator meeting with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe:

Rubio will next visit the Philippines, followed by South Korea.

What all of the lawmakers’ destinations have in common is a wariness about increasingly aggressive rhetoric and behavior from China.

Tensions are rising in the Pacific; Victor Davis Hanson recently compared increasingly aggressive Chinese militarism with the increasingly aggressive Japanese militarism of the 1930s.