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John Garamendi, Petty and Miserable Soul

This morning I mentioned Democratic California lieutenant governor John Garamendi, who’s running for Congress and sent out a mailer that hit his opponent, David Harmer, for things he said when he was executive director of the Utah State Department of Community and Economic Development.

Except the David Harmer running for Congress in California isn’t same David Harmer who worked in Utah’s state government. Same name, different guy.

So what does Garamendi say when he’s been caught make a big, easily checkable, boneheaded mistake?

The important point is that David Harmer opposes President Obama’s efforts to create jobs in the 10th congressional district, provide for our schools and children, repair our roads and highways, deliver much needed medical services, and fund research programs. The bottom line is that David Harmer’s positions are just out of touch with the people of the 10th congressional district.

Seriously? Seriously? (throwing tennis racket in the manner of John McEnroe) You can not be serious! You screwed up, John Garamendi. You owe your opponent an apology. That’s not too much to ask, even in a tight congressional race. Jeez, are you such a small man, such a petty and miserable little soul, that you cannot utter, “We didn’t double-check that we had the right guy, it was an oversight, and we regret it”?

What, you think admitting a mistake is going to cost you a single vote in an election?

Because how many folks are willing to vote for a man who is incapable of ever admitting a mistake or apologizing?


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