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John McCain at the Family Research Council Summit

For the first time in a long time, John McCain becoming the Republican nominee doesn’t seem supremely farfetched.

Addressing a packed ballroom, McCain received a warm reception from the crowd of religious  conservatives; his Virginia Beach comments seem long forgotten. He notes that he’s the only major party candidate who has been pro-life his entire career, and this crowd appreciates that.
Others have remarked that McCain is talking about his POW years more often on the campaign trail. Rather than seeming to exploit sympathy, McCain does an impressive job of laying out how that expeirence shaped his values. Today, he described fellow POW  Mike Christian, sewing an American flag into the inside of his shirt a second time after his captors had found the firstone and beaten him severely for it.
“Today, we have another generation of Mike Christians, putting it all on the line for others. They are the best.”
It’s one of McCain’s best speeches yet. I don’t know how many FRC conference attendees will make him their first choice in tomorrow’s straw poll, but he certainly seems to be on their “acceptable” list.


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