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‘The joke, really, in and of itself, can’t be defended.’

David Letterman finally offers an apology that sounds like an actual apology:

David Letterman said his joke about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter was a lousy joke, no matter how you cut it, and he’s sorry. But the late-night host insisted that what’s got people really riled is the misconception over which Palin daughter the joke was about…

It was “a coarse joke,” “a bad joke,” Letterman told viewers. “But I never thought it was (about) anybody other than the older daughter, and before the show, I checked to make sure, in fact, that she is of legal age, 18.”

“The joke, really, in and of itself, can’t be defended,” he declared.

Good move, Dave, just a few days after it was really needed. Just stay away from politicians’ children; God knows the world has provided comedians with plenty of other material to joke about.


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