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Jon Corzine Funded a Terrorist. Kind of.

CentristNet calls our attention to this fascinating bit of news: Back in 2005, a gentleman by the name of Sharif Mobley received $75 as an election-day worker for the campaign of  Jon Corzine, Democrat running for governor of New Jersey. Corzine won.

What’s Mobley up to these days?

FBI spokesman Rich Wolf in Baltimore confirmed Thursday that the agency is looking into the case of 26-year-old Sharif Mobley, who grew up in the southern New Jersey town of Buena. Wolf wouldn’t comment further.

WMGM-TV in Atlantic City quoted “federal sources” as saying Mobley is the man accused of shooting two guards over the weekend in a Yemeni hospital where he was being held prisoner. One of the guards died, and the suspect was caught after a chase . . .

He was originally arrested as part of an earlier sweep against al-Qaida, according to other security officials, and was in prison on charges of membership of the group. He complained of being ill and was admitted to the hospital, where was held under heavy guard while he was treated for around a week until his escape attempt, said a member of the security forces.

Officials say he snatched a gun from one security guard and shot him, then made his way down from his fifth-floor room to the ground floor. Witnesses say he then got into a shootout with hospital security guards, who pinned him down until a unit of the anti-terrorism police apprehended him.

That’s a terrifying turn of events, but let’s acknowledge that the way Corzine managed the economy, there was no way Mobley could have stayed in New Jersey to find

work . . .

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