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Jon Corzine: I Prevented the Economic Downturn (UPDATED)

The statewide unemployment rate in New Jersey is 9.2 percent, the highest in 32 years; it’s hit 14.3 percent in Newark.

Somehow, I suspect Gov. Jon Corzine is going to regret this Tweet:

RT @PolticalCouncil Jon Corzine’s financial experience helped PREVENT this economic downturn. He is working to keep NJ working.

I love the use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for “prevent.”

UPDATE: Fascinating. The Corzine campaign has apparently decided this Tweet ought to be airbrushed from history.

Too bad for them that it still shows up in a search on TweetDeck:

Come on, Governor. Be a man. Don’t try to airbrush history. You (or more likely, a staffer) put out a message that you prevented the economic downturn, and if you regret that laughable statement, just come out and say, “I (or we) messed up. We’re sorry. Nevermind.” But don’t try to pretend it didn’t happen.


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