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Jon Runyan’s Get-Out-the-Vote Guys Must Be Other Offensive Linemen

This doesn’t count for a ton, but I like the idea that a GOP challenger’s ground game is up to speed: With 99 percent of precincts reporting, in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, Jon Runyan, the former Philadelphia Eagled All-Pro guard had a bit more than 14,000 votes in his GOP primary; incumbent Democrat John Adler had about 10,000 in his.

Sure, Adler won by a wider margin, 75 percent to 25 percent, while Runyan won 60 percent to 40 percent. And sure, there was more interest in the somewhat competitive GOP primary. But the name of the game is to get your supporters out to vote on Election Day, and I wonder if John Adler’s get-out-the-vote operation was a little sleepy today.


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