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Kaine Holding Succession Meeting? With Obama Tomorrow?

If this report is accurate, this is a strong, strong indicator that Obama’s choice is Tim Kaine:

A source inside the beltway informed me that high ranking officials throughout Virginia were recently summoned to the governor’s office for an emergency meeting which reportedly involved discussions on the line of succession if and when Kaine steps down to become Obama’s running mate.
The officials were mandated to leave an out-of-state conference and return to the state capitol in Richmond immediately.
Due to the confidential nature of the meeting, details are scarce but the source said that either Obama will choose Kaine, or Kaine was given the impression that he would be chosen.


Obama, accompanied by Kaine, will appear tomorrow [Thursday] at John Tyler Community College in Chester, a GOP area where there was a surprisingly heavy vote for Obama in the Democratic primary in February. Obama wraps up tomorrow evening in the fast-growing Hampton Roads city of Chesapeake.

In a weird little irony, John Tyler was a governor and vice president from Virginia.


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