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Kentucky Could Very Well Be a Repeat of West Virginia

A few thoughts expanding on this sentence in the previous post : “Her best counties were the ones that border Kentucky, suggesting that while he will probably win Oregon easily, she may be on course for a similar blowout in the neighboring state next week”…
Two West Virginia counties directly border Kentucky. Hillary’s margin in Wayne County was 79 percent to 14 percent; in Mingo County her margin was 88 percent to 8 percent.
Five West Virginia counties are one county away from the Kentucky border. Looking at them we find Hillary winning McDowell County: 72 percent to 22 percent; Cabell County: 64 percent to 30 percent; Lincoln County: 79 percent to 13 percent; Wyoming County: 80 percent to 11 percent; and Logan County: 84 percent to 11 percent.
In West Virginia, there were four polls conducted in May, giving Clinton a margin by 36, by 43, by 29, and by 40. She won by 41.
In Kentucky, there have been three polls in the month of May: Clinton by 27, Clinton by 25, Clinton by 34.
UPDATE: Some of my readers in Kentucky argue that Louisville will be worth 10 points to Obama. 

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