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A Key McDonnell Man Moves to the RGA

The new top staffer at the RGA will be a key mind behind one of the most impressive Republican campaigns in recent memory:

Governor Rick Perry, Chair of the Republican Governors Association, announced today that Phil Cox will be the organization’s new Executive Director, effective today.

“Phil Cox has the talent and experience to continue the RGA’s growth as the most effective and impactful political committee in the country,” said RGA Chairman Rick Perry. “Phil’s experience as a successful campaign manager, senior advisor to a governor, and RGA political staffer gives him a unique perspective on the critical role RGA plays both in winning campaigns and supporting our governors in advancing good public policy.”

As one of RGA’s political staff, Cox spent 2010 helping orchestrate Republican gubernatorial victories in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Florida. Prior to joining RGA, he served as campaign manager for Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, engineering an historic 18-point landslide victory. Following the victory, Cox served as McDonnell’s transition director and senior political advisor.

Barring some sudden economic boom, expect to see a lot of candidates emulating McDonnell’s “Bob’s for jobs” themed campaign. Good news for gubernatorial candidates named Bob or Rob, I guess.


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