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Key NoVa Business Group Endorses McDonnell

Earlier in the week, a Republican who was following the governor’s race closely told me to keep an eye on the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce endorsement. With Republican Bob McDonnell already enjoying the endorsement of every business group in the state, he should have it wrapped up; but if it went to Democrat Creigh Deeds, it would shake up the race a bit and suggest that McDonnell, post-thesis, had some real problems with northern Virginians.

And . . . never mind, it went to Bob McDonnell:

The PAC trustees made their decision following an exhaustive research and interview process, during which the records, positions and statements of the two Virginia gubernatorial candidates were closely examined. The trustees conducted face-to-face interviews with both candidates and the Chamber hosted a Governor Debate marking a two decade long tradition as northern Virginia’s premier political event.

In the interviews conducted by PAC trustees, the two candidates were asked about the priority business competitiveness issues on the Chamber’s policy agenda: improved transportation infrastructure, economic development and tax policy.

“Mr. McDonnell earned the support of NOVABizPAC because of his overall stronger support for the Fairfax County Chamber’s priorities, specifically for identifying a plan for transportation. I commend the trustees for the hard work they put into examining the records and positions of these candidates, and for their commitment to making a decision that best supports the policies of this organization and the businesses it represents,” said NOVABizPAC Chair Fran Fisher.

This doesn’t wrap-up the race, by any means, but it suggests that those whose vote is based on who’s best for their incomes and commutes aren’t going to be dissuaded by a 20-year-old thesis and ads claiming an imminent return of the Dark Ages.


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