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The Key Word There Is ‘Doesn’t,’ Guys

I’m always glad when something I write is included in another publication’s “what people are saying” roundup, but the folks at The Week managed to take my opinion and turn it 180 degrees. Discussing the effective tie in the New York congressional race yesterday morning, I wrote:

Now, this doesn’t mean that Obama’s popularity has been seriously dented, or that the Blue Dog Democrats in Congress will be running away from him. What it means is what we had suspected in Georgia’s Senate runoff and Joseph Cao’s win in the post-2008 special election — that Obama’s popularity is not necessarily transferable to your average Democrat.

The Week summarizes:

Don’t be so sure, said Jim Geraghty in National Review. The Democrat, Scott Murphy, was looking good until his poll numbers fell the weekend before the vote — right after Democrats began using President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in mailers and advertisements. Maybe “Obama’s popularity has been seriously dented” — but the vote shows it “is not necessarily transferable to your average Democrat.”

Er, except that I wrote that “this doesn’t mean Obama’s popularity has been seriously dented.”


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